The Route

The Route


The Route

The Route


WYO131 2019 the Lite Edition

In the past it has been a 131 mile loop with some of Wyoming's most beautiful gravel roads. This year it will be a bit shorter, and a point to point race. Not by popular demand, but because of road construction on Forrest Service Road 300, also known as the Louis Lake Road, we will finish in Atlantic City, Wyoming.

This is not a race for beginners. There will be pain and suffering. There will be cut off times. Some people will not finish. We recommend previous gravel racing experience before taking on this race.


The start is at Lander City Park at 405 Fremont St.

Begin with riding Hwy 131 towards Sinks Canyon to Mortimer Lane. From Mortimer, we will briefly head south on Hwy 287 before turning left onto Lyons Valley Road.  Enjoy the last of the tarmac, until we onto the gravel at Coal Mine Road and follow it all the way to Hudson, WY.  Kai Espresso  will host Checkpoint #1, Mile 20.  Checkpoints are the only time when your crew, or any non-participant, can assist racers.

Next is the gravel Hudson-Atlantic City Road, BLM #2302.  A series of rolling hills will take you to an Aid Station at mile 32.5 and a long downhill section. Then you will gradually climb through the Sweetwater Hills/Sand Draw region to Beaver Rim, where you will climb quite steeply. At the top look back at the amazing view before you head West on gently rolling terrain.

Cross the highway and continuing on the Hudson-Atlantic City gravel road.  We will give you a break and provide a stocked Aid Station at mile 60, Checkpoint#2 after the gravel road crosses Hwy 287. This road will curve west then northwest, and take you to the Atlantic City Grubsteak which is the finish of the race at Mile 90.

We certainly wish we could continue across USFS 300 and the exhilarating descent of the Sinks Canyon switchbacks back to Lander, but due to road construction the Forrest Service will not permit the race this year. So view this as your chance to successfully cut your teeth on the first 90 miles of gravel and be prepared for the full race again in 2020.



Cue Sheets


Read This!

Read This!

Read This!

The EVENT SPONSORS, ORGANIZERS, PROMOTERS, STAFF and anyone having anything to do with this event ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE for your safety or well being. We can not stress this strongly enough… YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU!

Participants will need to print off a set of cue sheets and a map, which along with their own cycling computer, will be their primary means of navigation. Race participants also have available a GPX of the course to download for their use, if they so choose. The cue sheets will include notes on where water will be available, bathrooms, areas with cell reception, etc. You must print off the cue sheets and map prior to the race. We suggest having a backup set in the event you should lose them on course!
There will be checkpoints along each route where all participants must check in. Not checking in will result in a DNF. A “Cut-Off” time will be established for reaching each checkpoint. Any participant not reaching the checkpoint before the established cut-off time will not be allowed to continue past that point. Cut-off times are based on an average moving time of approx. 10 mph. This includes your stopped time, so the longer you stop the faster you will be required to ride. These times may be adjusted, as deemed necessary by event staff, to account for unforeseen circumstances such as inclement weather, poor course conditions, etc. Cut-off times are established for the purpose of rider safety, and will therefore be strictly enforced.
Outside support is NOT allowed, except at the designated checkpoints for the WYO 131. (This includes assistance with navigation and supplies.) The official checkpoints along the routes will serve as a neutral area where event participants may meet their support crew to restock supplies and repair equipment. This checkpoint will be the only location along the entire course where participants may receive assistance from their support crew. Receiving assistance from a support crew, or any other non-participant, at any other point along the route will result in immediate disqualification from the event. NO EXCEPTIONS.
Participants may help other participants with mechanical support, navigational assistance or by any other means.
YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU. Organizers will provide a shuttle from designated points on the course, otherwise if you break down on course you will need to call someone to come get you. Many areas on the course have little or no cell reception, therefore you may be walking to the nearest spot with cell reception. We will mark areas on your cue sheet that have good cell reception! The WYO 131 might possibly have a sweep person that may be able to get you to the nearest checkpoint, but from there you will need to call your support person to come and get you!

Support Crews/spectators are NOT allowed on course, except to pick up a rider who is abandoning the event. If a support crew vehicle is spotted on course for any other reason, their rider will be disqualified from the event. Providing support to a rider while on course goes against the self-sufficiency spirit of this event. It is unfair to other participants, and therefore will not be allowed. We also do not want a bunch of vehicles driving the course and disrupting the tranquility of the event!! PLEASE RESPECT THIS RULE!!
Participants may not advance along the route by any means other than bicycle, or by foot. There will be no hitching rides. Participants may, in the case of an emergency, mechanical failure or other unforeseeable problem, be assisted by motorized transport but by accepting such motorized transport, you will be automatically disqualified from the event. If for any reason you abandon the race you MUST check in at the finish area to let the event organizers know you are no longer on course. EVERYONE must be accounted for at the end of the day! If you fail to start the race, for any reason, please let the organizers know so you are accounted for! If you do not check in we may end up having to call your emergency contact # and we don't want to scare your mother or whomever you have listed as your emergency contact!
The primary route must be followed at all times. No short cuts or alternate routes are permitted. (The course may be altered by the promoters in the event of inclement weather, or other unforeseeable circumstance. Should this occur, participants will be sufficiently advised.)
Choice of bicycle type is up to each individual participant. This course is ideal for cyclocross bikes/"gravel grinders"....but hybrids, touring bikes, or 29”er hardtails, etc. are allowed. E-Bikes are not allowed. Just be aware that some thought and research should go into your final bike choice. The gravel roads can get pretty harsh in certain areas if we get rain, and although most of the course is nice smooth gravel, there are sections of rocky and rutted roads. Participants must start and complete the entire course on the same bicycle frame. All other components and equipment may be repaired or replaced during the event. Participants must wear a helmet while riding their bicycle.
Participants must obey all city, county and state laws, and "Rules of the Road". There WILL NOT be anyone stopping traffic at intersections or road crossings. All riders must watch for and yield to traffic. The gravel roads in this area are sometimes used by ORVs, or ranchers (these guys have never heard of a speed limit). We will try to make vehicles aware of the event, however riders need to be responsible by staying on the correct side of the gravel, and being careful in blind corners, etc. All riders must conduct themselves at all times in a manner that will not bring discredit to the event.
You are completely on your own. Use your head.
Please, please, please do NOT litter!!!!
Each participant must carry with them (on their body, or on their bike) every item on this list. You will not be allowed to start the race without these supplies!

A cell phone to contact the “outside world” should you need help.Service is extremely limited. Points with reliable service will be noted on the cue sheet.
Cycling computer
2-3 Water Bottles and a hydration pack strongly recommended
Food-energy bars, gels, nuts, etc..
At least two spare inner tubes (patch kit recommended)
Air pump or inflation system.
ADDITIONAL Supplies You Should SERIOUSLY Consider!
SPOT tracker or Garmin inReach
A GPS system to communicate your exact location to support or rescue personnel in the event of an emergency.
Small rucksack / hydration pack
Waterproof / windproof jacket
Extra thermal top or warm layer to wear if stopped
An emergency / survival blanket
Tire levers
Chain tool
Allen wrench set
Spoke wrench
First aid kit
Butt butter
Chain lube!!!
Cash, debit card or credit card. (To purchase food, water, supplies.)
Handlebar Cue Sheet holder
Safety Tips
Obey all rules of the road! This means riding to the right side of the gravel roads. Although these roads are very remote, there are ORVs and ranchers that drive these roads, and often times come around blind corners very quickly! RIDERS NEED TO STAY TO THE RIGHT, or you are putting yourself at risk! When you are out riding in Wyoming, the weather can be unpredictable and can change rapidly and without warning. Be prepared for wind, rain, snow, more wind, etc. with the gear that you carry. Even on a mild day, it is possible to get cold very quickly if you have to stop to fix a mechanical problem or become injured. So always carry a waterproof / windproof jacket or thermal top. Maintain your bike so it doesn’t let you down when you are at the farthest point from civilization. As a minimum, carry the items listed above, and more importantly, know how to use them. If possible, ride in a small group so that if someone does get hurt, there are enough people to stay with the injured person while others go for help. Keep eating and drinking regularly to maintain energy levels. Know the symptoms of dehydration and “hitting the wall” and act accordingly.

Spectators & Crew

The only time you are allowed to be on the course is to pick up your rider if he or she decides to abandon the event. You are allowed to meet a rider at designated checkpoints. Here you may help your rider with mechanical issues, and supply with food, water or clothing. Maps and directions will be available to print prior to the race.
Please stay off the course during the entire race. If you must spectate please do so only at the various checkpoints.


We hope that no one will need this information, however in the unfortunate chance that you do, print this off and keep it in a safe place:
Sage West Health Care at Lander 1320 Bishop Randall Dr, Lander, WY 82520
Phone: (307) 332-4420.
Sage West Health Care at Riverton: 2100 W Sunset Dr, Riverton, WY 82501
Phone: (307) 856-4161